Above: Brendon Pressure washers and Powerwasher Accessories arriving in the Netherlands.   Note the ‘cool’ purple of the Company livery! If you are in the UK and in urgent need of either a pressure washer or bowser washer from our stock, we aim for next day delivery, by 8.00 am, using our internal Brendon delivery staff – however, overseas delivery takes a little longer.   We appreciate the need for a rapid and reliable response to Industry and especially to the Hire Industry!

The pressure washers pictured above feature:

Self-contained pressure-washer trailers with powerwasher accessories which comprise jet washer; self-contained drain cleaning and pipe cleaning for up to 110 mm diameter.   This combination is highly suitable for the Pressure-Washer hire and industrial cleaning industries.

Other points to note: the onboard 950 ltr baffled water tank which prevents water surge during towing and which provides up to one hour’s pressure washing time; the unit is fully EU road legal.  Also included in the Netherland’s delivery was a 20KPE petrol engined Portable Power Washer unit, which is ideal for professional use, domestic, horticultural and agricultural applications etc.

The above model is only one of a wide range, which includes power washers up to 7000 PSI / 500 BAR.   This specification makes the larger machine ideal for heavy industrial pressure washing.

Based in West Somerset Brendon Power Washers have been, and are currently, involved in supplying pressure and power washers to major construction projects in both the UK and around Europe and beyond.   Brendon Power Washers were there when the Channel Tunnel was under construction. Today, amongst many other involvements, Brendon Powerwashers and Bowserwashers are involved in a number of national projects including the current work at EDF’s site at Hinkley Point as well as involvement on the Thames Tideway. For More Details Contact Our Brendon Pressure Washer Sales Team on 01984 624 500


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