The alterethic company offers you a practical guide© form to guide you step by step in order to obtain the approval of youth and sport for your club. Accreditation can benefit in particular: Social security contributions for the employment of dependents are calculated on the basis of a monthly flat-rate basis (decree of 27 July 1994). · The Society of Composers and Music Publishers (S.A.C.E.M) is subject to a reduction in accordance with Circular 71-165 of July 15, 1971. · You may benefit from temporary exemptions from the prefect for the sale or consumption on site or to take away and the distribution of drinks of the second and third groups in sports facilities. The admission requirements for sports organisations are set in Article L121-4 and Articles R 121-1 to 121-6 of the Sports Regulations. · A sports association can only obtain accreditation if its statutes contain the specific provisions to downloadThe files are dealt with by the Departmental Directorate of Social Cohesion. It should be noted that only associations, associations or associations of recognized associations for the education and training of young people can benefit from this financial support. Approved associations may form a civil party in the event of a violation of the provisions of Law 49-956 of 16 July 1949 relating to publications for young people, in accordance with Article 7 of that Act. Office of Educational, Cultural and Sports Actions of the Directorate General of School Education of the Ministry of National Education for applications for national accreditation of educational associations.

As a result, an affiliated association is no longer subject to an application for sports accreditation from the services of the DDCS, Mission Jeunesse Sport Life Association, since it is approved by the federation of which it is a member. In addition, the department`s licensing orders, in force at the time of the publication of the regulations of affiliated sports federations on the basis of Article 121-4 of the sports code, become moot and are repealed effective july 26, 2015. The JEP admission recognizes the educational value of the association, proof of the quality of its actions in the field of youth (delineated according to the target group) and/or popular education (education for all classes of society not supervised in the traditional structures of the family, school or university) the sustainability of its activity. Many departments apply the accreditation process. However, the recognition “Youth and Popular Education” is the earliest, since a decision of 2 October 1943 applicable by the regulation of 9 August 1944 refers to this procedure (in this case, it was to reserve for the possible granting of grants to the approved associations). > application – Sports Club – Format: DOC – 0.17 Mb There is a single authorization, called “youth-popular education,” which applies to youth and/or popular education associations, and is defined by Decree No. 2002-571 of 22 April 2002 as amended.

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