In the event of an emergency, the prowler undertakes to inform the customer as quickly as possible using the telephone number in this dog walking contract. If the client is not reachable, the prowler is authorized to take all necessary measures to protect himself, pets and others in this contract, including the requirement or organization of medical or veterinary treatment. A dog walking contract ensures transparency and creates limits for your customers. For a potential customer, it is important to understand the services you will provide, the price and the terms of payment. Your contract will also help manage your client`s expectations, which is extremely important to reflect your reputation. Check your canine walking contract with each customer to determine if your service is appropriate for them. While a lawyer should write your contract, you need to give him an overview that you need to follow. The ensuing back-and-forth is a great way to make sure you haven`t overlooked any potential problems. The idea of writing a contract can be discouraging. In reality, you don`t need to be a legal expert to establish a canine hiking contract between you and your client. The customer is fully liable for damage, loss or injury caused by pets in this dog walking contract. You don`t need to include legal jargon in your agreement, it`s worth covering any base. If things that were covered by the contract went wrong, it does not necessarily mean that you are acquitted of any legal liability.

That`s why it`s always important to take out appropriate canine hiking insurance. With on-site coverage, you are protected if the dog is to be injured, lost, or cause injury to someone else or his dog. 1. Relationships and responsibilities 1.1. It is expressly considered that the owner retains the services of the walker as an independent contractor and not as an employee. 1.2. Walker undertakes to perform the services agreed with care, reliability and care, and the owner undertakes to provide all necessary information to assist in this service. 1.3. The hiker undertakes to inform the owner of any dog-related events that may be relevant to the dog`s care and well-being.

1.4. The prowler will be stocked and equipped with a scooper and garbage bags and will properly remove the dog`s feces from all public places. 1.5. Walker reserves the right to run simultaneously with other compatible dogs, but agrees to limit the number of dogs that have run with a person to 4 (four). 1.6. The owner provides appropriate straps, collars and pipes, as approved by the prowler, as well as coats or muzzles, if necessary. 1.7. The prowler is not required to perform any other duties, except for the tasks listed on the information sheet and on the owner`s animal information sheet.

2. Compensation 2.1. The prowler receives the amount of the amount of the `2.2` The monthly retention of “O” must be paid in advance and in payment of the balance within 3 days of receiving the account for the remaining balance at the end of each month. 3. Duration 3.1. Le présent contrat de randonnée pour chiens entre en vigueur le ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A. Arrêtez sur la _____day de ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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