8. The applicant knowingly and voluntarily waives all rights under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) of 1967, which relate to allegations of age discrimination, as mentioned in the applicant`s complaint. Federal law provides that 21 days after the agreement is received, the complainant has time to verify and review the agreement before it is signed. The complainant also believes that he can use this part of this 21-day period before signing and obtaining this agreement. Federal law also provides that the complainant may revoke this agreement within seven (7) days of the signing and delivery of the agreement to the Agency. Federal law also requires us to advise the complainant to consult a lawyer before signing this agreement. After being informed of these rights, the complainant, after consulting his lawyer, renounces these rights. [ADEA clause] 3. It is considered that this agreement is not required to acknowledge the agency`s liability or fault [Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, (Title VII), the Employment and Age Discrimination Act as amended (ADEA), the Amended Rehabilitation Act 1974 (Rehab Act) with respect to the applicant`s claims in the EEOC`s appeal number , the parties agree that they treat the terms, amount and doing of the billing in a strictly confidential manner and promise that neither they nor their representatives will disclose, directly or indirectly, information about this transaction (or billing) to anyone, including, but not limited to former, current or future employees of the Agency, who do not need to know about the transaction. Staff members who need to be informed of the compensation include [names]. 7.

The parties agree that if the applicant finds that the Agency has not complied with the provisions of this agreement, the procedures set out in paragraph 1614.504 of Section 29 C.R. The complainant informs the Agency`s Director of the EEO in writing of the alleged non-compliance within 30 days that the complainant was aware or should have been aware of a violation of this agreement. The applicant may request that the terms of the settlement agreement be implemented in practice or that the complaint be reinstated for the subsequent processing of the points. The Agency decides the matter and responds in writing to the complainant. If the Agency has not responded in writing to the applicant or if the complainant is not satisfied with the Agency`s attempt to clarify the matter, the applicant may decide with the Commission whether the Agency has complied with the terms of the settlement agreement or the final decision. The complainant can file such a complaint 35 days after the Agency`s mailing date, with allegations of non-compliance, but must file an appeal within 30 days of the date of receipt of an agency`s decision.

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