It is very difficult to determine whether a horse has problems or defects during an examination, even if a veterinarian has assessed the horse`s health. Section 14 of the Sale of Goods Act 1979 imposes implied conditions of opportunity and satisfactory quality when a horse has been sold in commercial transactions. It is important to note that Section 14 of the Purchasing Act applies. The seller must sell in commercial transactions and should not be a private seller. In the event of a dispute, the buyer can avail himself of these legal provisions. Up to an equal point, you can count on a veterinarian to check medical health, but a veterinarian can easily do it wrong, as he can only evaluate the horse at a given time with limited information. Of course, a veterinarian can`t tell you anything about the horse`s temperament, ability or ability for you. A model for the sale of horses only for orientation. Legal advice should be sought to ensure that any written agreement is legally binding. Before buying a horse, there are many things to consider, such as cost, time and commitment involved and where to keep the horse, in order to check our guides.

Seeing a potential new horse can be an exciting experience and it`s always a good idea to bring an experienced consultant, if you look at a horse advertised for sale that can look at the horse in a completely objective way. Read our tips on what to check when looking at the horse. Equus Legal specializes in horse law and offers a wide range of law and riding contracts. In this section, Equus Legal deals specifically with horse purchase contracts. The Equus Legal horse purchase contract was developed by an experienced horse lawyer, whose specialized practice is horse law. Known for the sale of the horse: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________pour buy all horses, including ground horses, sports horses, racehorses, stallions and breeding mares. It is suitable for international distribution. If your new horse differs from the way it was described before the purchase, the amount of research you did before you bought the horse and whether you have a sales contract will affect the legal or non-legal right of appeal. This is when the checklist, complete with the handwritten recording of the answers by the seller (ideally signed and dated by the seller), are extremely useful. This contract will be made on the date of the 20-year-long contract , if you want to buy a new horse, there are a few places to consider and our guide details that will help you decide which are the best places to consider.

For many riders, their ultimate dream is to own their own horse. However, before you buy a horse for the first time, read the tips and tricks that are given in our guides. Buying a horse is an important investment for many horse lovers. That`s why it`s important not only to do extensive research on the horse you have in mind before you buy, but also to protect yourself with a written sales contract. This is a vernification agreement in which the owner of the farm acts as an agent in the sale and receives a commission if he sells the horse. In addition, he receives painting fees while the horse is on the farm.

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