(8) This agreement is revoked by the death of the husband or wife. Unless otherwise agreed by the parties, the executive will continue to carry out its functions as THE EPP PERSONNEL SERVICE until 29 February 2020. Management will be relieved of all company duties on March 1, 2020, the date of publication, unless they are reasonably reachable by telephone and email to answer any questions the company may have. In addition to what is expressly stated below, the agreement replaces all previous written and written agreements between the company or related entity and management with respect to management employment. For the purposes of this agreement, “associated undertaking” means a corporation controlled or controlled directly or indirectly by the company, regardless of the country of registration of that corporation. All provisions of this agreement that are declared illegal, unenforceable or invalidated by the Tribunal are excluded from this separation agreement. This voluntary agreement of release and reciprocal separation (“Agreement”) is the agreement between you, Paul B. Kusserrow, and Humana Inc. and their affiliates and subsidiaries (“Humana”) regarding the mutual termination of your work with Humana. In light of your agreement on the following terms and reciprocal benefits, and if you have executed this agreement on or after your last employment date, that is, December 31, 2013 (termination date), it is agreed that the contracting parties understand and accept all the provisions of these agreements. PandaTip: Most jurisdictions require that employees be given some time to verify separation agreements and seek legal assistance before signing.

This model sets this time frame at 5 days. Be sure to review your state`s laws before signing the final separation agreement. This separation agreement is therefore subject to [Company.State] under the law of that state, all legal proceedings related to this agreement. Vicki Bernholz (“Executive”) is currently employed by SuccessFactors, Inc. (the “Company”) as Chief People Officer. Management and the company are parties to a July 23, 2009 job offer (the “letter of offer contract”). The company and management have decided to enter into this mutual separation agreement. It is the company`s desire to offer certain benefits to the executive related to such a separation and to resolve any claims that the executive has or could have against the company. Accordingly, the executive and the company accept the terms of this agreement of reciprocal separation and general release of rights (the “agreement”). This agreement enters into force on the eighth (eighth) day following the executive`s signature (“effective date”), unless the executive has revoked the agreement in writing before the effective date. The wife compensates and compensates the husband for all claims, complaints and claims in this account, and if the husband has to pay an amount because of the wife`s debts, he is entitled to deduct the same from the amount to be paid to the wife under this agreement.

Nothing in this clause should be construed or intended to waive or restrict the employee`s rights to enforce all the terms of this separation agreement.

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