Agreement between users and Act-3D for the use of our services. The software can inform you and inform them if updates are available for the software. The software allows you to automatically request and receive updates, by default, even if you have the choice to disable this feature. Similarly, you need to take steps to download and install the software on your computer, as this action is not automatic. “Updates” include maintenance versions, bug fixes and minor updates for your current version of the software. Act-3D B.V. third-party software provides you with third-party software. The (licensing) conditions imposed by these third parties with respect to the software apply, notwithstanding the various provisions of this licensing agreement. You cannot copy and install on your computers the number of copies of the software for which you paid the corresponding fee only for your employees. You can transfer the software from one computer to another computer, provided the software is completely deleted and uninstalled by the previous computer.

You can also make a reasonable number of copies of the software for backup and archiving purposes. This site may include newsletter services, blogs, chat areas, forums, communities, personal websites and other messaging or communication equipment that allow you to contact Trimble (p.B to give comments and suggestions) and communicate with other users of the website and publish documents (for example. B text, images, data, etc.) for audit by Trimble, public services or members of a public or private community (jointly) , to charge, share and submit. “user communication”). PLEASE NOTE THAT USER COMMUNICATION IS CONSIDERED NON-CONFIDENTIAL AND NOT COPYRIGHTED; AND WHAT POSTING, UPLOADING, INPUTTING, OPTING TO SHARE, PROVIDING OR OTHERWISE SUBMITTING ANY USER COMMUNICATIONS TO THIS SITE YOU UNDERSTAND AND AGREE THAT: Unless otherwise stated, these terms of use constitute the whole agreement between you and Trimble with regard to your use of this website and replaces all prior or simultaneous communications and suggestions (oral, written or electronic) You may also be subject to additional terms and conditions that may apply if you use content, materials, software or services provided by third parties on this site. All rights that are not expressly granted by this agreement are reserved for Trimble.

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