For the purposes of this agreement, (a) a “bike” is any type of bicycle made available through and any affiliated website owned by VeloGuide Inc. and operated by veloGuide Inc. (the “website”); (b) the “tenant” is the person who rents the bike and all other devices via an account created on the website, and the “Bike Lister” is the authorized owner or representative for the bike that is made available for rent via the website. This Bide lease (“contract”) is a mandatory agreement between the tenant and Bike Lister. VeloGuide, Inc. (“VeloGuide”) is a party to the agreement only to the extent necessary to facilitate the lease and to recover and pay any costs that may be due under this contract, otherwise it is a third party benefiting from this agreement. Bike Lister enters into this contract and allows the tenant to rent the bike with all associated equipment (the “rental”) only on the condition that the tenant accepts all the terms of this agreement. In entering into this agreement to lease and use the bicycle, the tenant acknowledges that he has read and understood this agreement; He or she agrees to be bound by all the terms of this agreement; Welcomes the type of equipment rented and the accommodations required to ensure safe operation and use; and – if the returner is not qualified enough to operate a bicycle, it is recommended that the tenant try to get the assistance of a qualified technician to evaluate, adjust and adjust the equipment. Guarantee: you and we agree that this arbitration agreement should include all claims, which arise from access to spin bikes or services, including all claims arising from a violation of a tacit or express warranty or any other claim relating to quality, service or reparation, including “lemon laws” or “lemon laws,” including the Song-Beverly Act, California Competition Law, California Secret Warrant Wary Law, the Consumer Remedies Legals Act and all sales or sale claims. The warranty period is not extended or renewed by claims or claims on your part, or by attempts to repair us, or by errors or defects discovered at any time after the sale.

Section 12 is broad and resolves all disputes between us, including, but not only, claims arising from or related to one aspect of the relationship between us, whether it is contracts, illegal acts, laws, fraud, misrepresentations or other legal theories; rights prior to these or earlier terms and agreements (including, but not limited, claims related to user interactions); rights that may arise after these conditions have expired. To the extent that this is not foreseen, claims arising from the validity, application, scope, applicability or interpretation of the conditions, including this section 12, are also decided by an arbitrator. The only disputes that are excluded from this section 12 are intellectual property litigation and small court claims, as shown below. 9.5. E-SIGN Disclosure. By agreeing to receive text messages, you also agree to use an electronic data set to document your consent. You can revoke your consent to use the electronic recording by contacting us by with “Revoke Electronic Consent” in the subject line.

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