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Visual interfaces, graphics, design, compilation, information, data, computer code (including source code or object code), products, software, services and all other elements of the service (“materials” provided by Ucare are protected by intellectual property and other laws. All materials in the service are owned by Ucare or our third-party licensing providers. Unless expressly authorized by Ucare, you cannot use the materials. Ucare reserves all rights to materials that are not expressly granted in these Terms. This agreement, including the confidentiality policy, is the full approval of the parties regarding the purpose of this agreement. No waiver of a party to a violation or default under this paragraph is a waiver of a violation or a prior or subsequent delay. 6) obstruct the operation of the service or the use of the service by a user, including: (a) downloading or other dissemination of viruses, adware, spyware, worms or other malicious codes; (b) make an unsolicited offer or advertisement to another user of the service; (c) an attempt to collect personal data, including ECG or other health or fitness information, through another user or a third party, without their consent; or (d) disruptions or interruptions to networks, devices or servers connected or used to the service, or violate the rules, policies or procedures of a network, device or server; Please read the Privacy Policy carefully to obtain information about our collection, use, storage and disclosure of your personal data. The Data Protection Directive is included in these conditions by this reference and is part of those conditions.

You agree to collect, use, disclose and other processing or processing of your personal data (including data transfer with third parties) as described in the privacy policy. The ucare.co.in website (the “site”) is owned by TransAsia Ventures Pvt Ltd. (“TransAsia, Ucare,” “we” or “us”). As shown below, Ucare gives you the right to use the website, our software applications, including, but not limited, to Ucare (a set of “Software” or “App”) and services provided via the website or software (together the “service”), subject to the terms of use listed below (“Conditions of use”). The mobile app, available on the Google App Store and Apple App Store, is owned by transAsia Ventures Pvt Ltd. The term “you” refers to the person who visits the site or uses the APP. We Ucare, we bring you a digital health monitoring service and a health subscription service that combines fitness tracking technology to help you move to a healthier lifestyle and achieve your goals.

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