5.DESCRIPTION OF GOODS: the description must be sufficiently detailed so that the goods can be identified by the customs officers examining them. Name of the manufacturer, each brand must also be indicated. (b) information on the validity of the NSAID certificate of origin shall be provided at the request of the importing Party. Recognizing this trend and recognizing the economic potential of closer ties, the two sides recognized the opportunities to deepen trade and investment relations and agreed to negotiate a framework agreement to pave the way for the establishment of an ASEAN-India Free Trade Area (FTA). [7] In 2008, the total volume of trade between ASEAN and India was $47.5 billion. ASEAN exports to India amounted to $30.1 billion, an increase of 21.1% over 2007. India`s imports from ASEAN amounted to $17.4 billion, an increase of 40.2% over 2006. With regard to foreign direct investment (FDI), India`s inflow to ASEAN member countries amounted to $476.8 million in 2008, or 0.8 per cent of total foreign direct investment in the region. From 2000 to 2008, total Indian direct investment in ASEAN amounted to $1.3 billion.

Trade and investment statistics from ASEAN dialogue partners can be accessed through www.asean.org/22122.htm. Shapes of hats, bodies of hats and hoods in felt, not in shape, nor with crempes made; Trays and sleeves (including felt slots) Products imported by a Party shipped directly in accordance with Rule 8 are considered to be originating goods and may benefit from preferential tariff treatment if they meet the requirements of origin under one of the following:- 5.At the date of examination of the export formalities of the goods under the preferential tariff treatment; The exporter or his authorised representative shall submit a written application for an AIFTA Certificate of Origin accompanied by appropriate supporting documents attesting that the exported products are eligible for the issue of an AIFTA Certificate of Origin. the circumstances of manufacture or manufacture in the first country mentioned in box 11 of this form. Each Party shall make available to the other Parties, through the ASEAN Secretariat, 11 original sets of signatures and official seal templates used by its issuing authorities, including their names and addresses, or by electronic means. Any change in official names, addresses, drawings or seals must be communicated immediately in the same way or by electronic means. 1.Contracting Parties which accept this form for the purposes of preferential tariff treatment under the ASEAN-INDIA Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA): provided that the final manufacturing process is carried out in the territory of the exporting Party. (i) The request for retroactive control shall be accompanied by the AIFTA certificate of origin in question, which shall indicate the reasons and any additional information indicating that the information contained in the said AINNA certificate of origin may be inaccurate, unless the retroactive check is requested by sampling. `FOB` means the value of free boarding determined in the manner defined in paragraph 1 of Annex I; (vi) The product remains under the customs control of the intermediate party, including its free trade areas and customs territories. .

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