• Petrol 2000PSI

    Model: 20KPS

    Max Pressure:
    140 Bar / 2000 PSI

    2.9 GPM / 13.2 LPM

    Heavy Duty Triple Piston CAT Pump

    Honda GX200 Petrol Pull Start with Oil Alert Honda

    Industrial 2:1 Gearbox Drive

    Suction or Direct Feed

    Suction Hose:
    4.5m 1/2" Quality Suction Hose, with Brendon SS Suction Strainer

    Delivery Hose:
    10m 3/8" Double Braided Delivery Hose & Cplgs

    Weight & Dimensions:
    34kg 625mm x 430mm x 420mm



With more pressure and the heavy duty gearbox drive Cat pump, the Brendon 20KPS Carry Frame, gives you quicker cleaning for a deeper clean in industrial applications.

- Rental Industry
- Plant & Machinery
- Landscaping
- Factories
- Agricultural
- Facilities Management


Features & Benefits

  • Heavy Duty Triple Piston Cat Pump

    Heavy Duty Triple Piston Direct Drive Cat Pump.

  • Portable

    Mounted in a heavy duty frame, compact and portable.

  • Genuine Honda

    Honda GX200 Petrol Engine with Low Oil Alert as Standard.

  • Robust Chassis

    Protective, heavy duty tubular chassis.

  • 2.1 Gear Box

    Heavy Duty 2.1 Gear Box Drive enabling the pump to run slow, Improving durability and suction.

  • Suction and Direct Water Feed.

    Excellent water suction capability, 4.5m of Suction Hose fitted with Brendon Protected Stainless Steel Suction Strainer.

  • Adjustable Pressure

    Simple throttle control for pressure regulation.

  • Integrated Detergent System

    Metered detergent valve.

  • Thermo Sensor Valve

    Protects the pump from over heating when left for periods without operating the trigger.

  • Optional Trolley Kit

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