The Gulper kit turns your washer into a sludge pump

The Brendon Gulper Kit is a solution to suck dirty and clean water from ponds, Lakes, Rivers and more. The Gulper has no moving parts. It's as simple as connecting your Brendon power washer to one end and then you're good to go. The System Works by the water jet facing back up the pipe creating a suction (venturi) which then can remove liquids & solids up to 25mm.

The Gulper kit turns your washer into a sludge pump. It can extract large volumes of liquid and sludge at speed and up to 8 Meters high.

Removal Large amounts of dirty or clean water in Minutes

Flooding, Cleaning Dirty & Muddy Ponds
A great accessory for renting with your Brendon Washer.

Simple To Use

  • Step 1

    Attach the supply hose from your power washer.

  • Step 2

    Connect the hose To The Gulper Nozzle.

  • Step 3

    Turn power washer On & pull the trigger to operate.

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